About Me
Jude Abbott

I am a Web Designer with over eight years freelance experience. During that time I have created many websites for musicians. Having worked as a musician in a band for 16 years (which is where I developed my web design skills), I am well-placed to understand the needs of musicians when it comes to websites. A good website is an increasingly important part of the professional image you project to the world

Largely self-taught, I have mastered a variety of programmes and tools. I’m passionate about Web Design and have undertaken various taught courses in order to enhance and consolidate my knowledge.

The world of web design and development moves at a fast pace and I endeavour to keep up to date with it as it evolves. I am proactively focused on my continued professional development through both taught courses and online study via Udemy, Codecademy and Treehouse.

A word about responsive design

The reality of websites these days is that they need to look good and work properly on screens as wide as 27 inches and as small as four. And everything in between.

Responsive design means creating a website that is both flexible and robust enough to work in all those situations. Because you want everyone who visits your site to have an equally rewarding experience.

Without whom …

Many people have helped me along the way to being where I am now in terms of web design. I am singling out FdA Web Design, Notepad Web Development and Chris Dudley for special mention.